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Afrihili Days of the Week

In anticipation of last week's release of my Fiat Lingua paper Afrihili: an African Interlanguage, I took to Twitter to do a few Word of the Day posts. Because this is the sort of silliness that amuses me, each Word of the Day was the word for that day. Here they are in a tidy list:Kurialu SundayLamisalu MondayTalalu TuesdayWakashalu WednesdayYawalu ThursdaySohalu FridayJumalu SaturdayI wasn't able to find the source languages for these words, each of which ends in aluday.For good measure, here are the months:Kazi JanuaryRume FebruaryNyawɛ MarchForisu AprilHanibali MayVealɛ JuneYulyo JulyShaba AugustTolo SeptemberDunasu OctoberBubuo NovemberMbanjɛ DecemberAgain, the source languages aren't always clear, though July is coming from some European language. I must admit I didn't devote too much time to tracking these down, though. Some might be immediately obvious to some of my readers.There aren't enough examples of time phrases to be sure of everything. The noti…