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Derivation of the Day: tëtúmot

For Kílta, tëtúmotsauce, via intensive reduplication of the verb tuëmopound, and the object noun suffix -ot.

Korka vë tëtúmot në kwilë chesëtin no.
(wal)nut ATTR sauce TOP too salty be.PFV
The walnut sauce is too salty.

Korka is by default a walnut, but is used in other nut terms generically.

Quantitative Verse References

Over time I've collected a few references to quantitative verse forms from different poetic traditions. The primary feature of these systems is that syllable weight is the defining measure of verse, rather than patterns of stress or syllable counting.
Greek VerseVedic Metre in its Historical DevelopmentPoetries in Contact: Arabic, Persian, and Urdu (this is great!)Somali Prosodic SystemsMetrical structure and sung rhythm of the Hausa RajazIntroduction to Tamil Prosody I'm sure there are some traditions I'm missing.
I've never successfully created a poetic system for one of my conlangs. Though Kílta has vowel length, it looks like syllable counting will be the way to go for it, but there are still plenty of experiments to work out.