Sunday, December 30, 2018

Lexember 30th: tëlpeka, "oven, furnace"

Today's word, tëlpeka /təl.ˈpe.ka/ oven, furnace, is related to the word tëlpo to cook.

Tëlpeka mai chan si salki re.
oven LAT dish ACC put.IMP PART
Put the dish into the oven.

Ën tëlpeka në asíkal si atenkëlat harno tul.
ën tëlpeka në asíkal si atenk-ël-at harn-o tul
this furnace TOP metal ACC melt-CAUS-INF Q
Can this furnace melt metal?

There is a lot of interesting lexical typology, metaphor, and idiom around cooking, but I haven't yet concocted any connections from those to this word.

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